Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the chicken to take over the role of the duck?!

chicken to look out for the duck's welfare? the head chicken can't even convince chickens to support chicken, how the hell the chicken can convince ducks to support the chickens??
news article here ->

Friday, November 13, 2009

favorite images #1

one of my favorite photos taken in sipadan.
robert & grace. a natural in front of the camera.
their countdown has started ->

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How stupid & arrogant can one get?

i was planning to write a very long sarcastic entry regarding certain comments/interview given by the ministers (home ministry & de-factor law ministry). but i decide not too, cause i get worked up trying to words it as civil as possible. i can't seem to write "nicely". their explanation logic sometimes makes one wonder, how on earth did they end up as ministers. heck, they shouldn't be seen in public, let alone make statements on behalf of the government. do they come up with their own statements / speeches? or do they have scriptwriters, PR consultants guiding them on what to say? if they make their own statements, then i just think how educated they are. if they employ people do write these, then they must have been the worse in the industry and can only depend on government's project

** for those in the dark, i'm sure you can find articles about this all over the internet (unless you only read NST or theStar, then i forgive you for your ignorance) **

Monday, November 9, 2009

My top 5 Treat List

End of the year is round the corner and with it comes the most wonderful season everyone waits for...Christmas! and with this holiday season comes with gifts and presents. Now we all love to receive gifts, i guess its human nature. but getting a gift for someone, that is the hard part (at least for me). so for all my friends, i have narrowed it down so that you wouldn't need to crack your head if you are getting me gifts for this Christmas.
  1. an condominium in the city - one menerung @ bangsar
    everyone needs a place to call their own. i don't really need a bungalow or a semi-detached landed property. a cozy place that is enough for a family with security and facilities for everybody.

  2. 4wheels - mazda 5
    travelling in style and comfort for those long drives back home. with the future in mind, a family car like an MPV would be just nice.

  3. holiday dive package - Boracay island
    being underwater with the abundance of aquatic life around you really makes diving one of the most serene and peaceful outdoor activity. Boracay being one of the most beautiful island and a wonderful dive site, would be just right to relax and rejuvenate.

  4. Nikon DSLR D300s + Ikelite Housing + Strobe
    photographs speaks a thousand words. memories which can be shared with others. memories that remains with you for life. and with photographs the images remains vivid with you.
  5. Dell Inspiron 13
    in this modern world of technology, keeping in touch while on the go is essential. be with because of work or family, technology has made it possible for us to stay in touch regardless where we are. With the light & compact yet powerful Dell Inspiron 13, you will never be out of touch with the world.

You can win this Wonderful Dell Inspiron 13. All you have to do is ......

1 .Write a blog post titled ‘My Top 5 Treat List’ and share with us what you’d like to treat yourself.

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Test blog from e71.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Asian Basketball League (ABL)

Managed to catch the 2nd home match of the Singapore Slingers @ Kallang Indoor Stadium today. KimHoong bought the tickets earlier in the week and by 3.45pm we were seated at our place.

Today's match: Singapore Slingers vs Philippines Patriots
as this is my first time watching the Slingers in action, KimHoong was there to provide information of the main players in the team. match started and the action was fast, which is usually what you will get when there is a Philippines team playing. there were some fancy passes around, but the defence of both teams could have been better, especially the Slingers. a couple of times, the patriots had the forward receiving a pass under the basket and there were no body on that player. in the end Slingers managed to carve out a win after a nervy ending to the match.
it is very obvious that for the Slingers, other than the point guard, no other players can handle the ball when under pressured. and if those calls at the end of the game were to went the opponent's way, Slinger might lose this match as well. it didn't happen, and Slingers won.

Next matches in November will be against Satria Muda (Indonesia Team) & KL Dragons (Malaysia Team). See you at game time then!

Monday, March 23, 2009

new 'residence' in the office

moved to my new 'residence' last Friday. and it's sure is different sitting @ toapayoh, compared to the previous faberhill. gone are the days where peace & quiet surrounds me. my new residence is right beside the 'highway' and very near a couple of 'police beat base'. hopefully can get used to it quickly.